Loan Assistance

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Loan Assistance

Cash flow is a critical aspect of business survival and prosperity. One of the most difficult burdens of owning your own business is the task of acquiring capital for lean months or business growth. Two of the most important factors in creating a loan package are knowing how to present the information and knowing who to present it to. Throughout our 30+ year tenure, we have built an extensive network of contacts with various local financial institutions that enables us to procure loans for a variety of both small and medium sized businesses. Having all of the information organized and presented in a professional manner helps to expedite the process of getting a loan by reducing the amount of ground-work that has to be done by the bank.

We assist our clients in preparing initial business plans, constructing capital requirements, putting together income/expense projections and preparing personal statements of net worth. Once complete, we present the total package to a number of reputable financial institutions in our network with the intent of obtaining the loan.

Types of loans

Conventional Business Loans

SBA Loans

Revolving Lines of Credit

Consolidation Loans

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