What We Do

“We do more than just count beans...”

Income Tax Preparation

Corporate Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns

Amended Tax Returns

Out-of-State Tax Returns


Sales/Use Tax Returns

Fiduciary Tax Returns

NFP Tax Returns

Financial Statement Preparation & Bookkeeping

Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Financial Statements

Future Projections & Pro Formas

Monthly Bookkeeping and Bill Pay

Complete Payroll Services

Flexible & Affordable

Semi-Monthly/Monthly Payroll

Quarterly/Year-End Reporting

Workman’s Comp. Audits

Wage Garnishments/Child Support

New Business Incorporations

LLC’s, Partnerships,
S-Corporations, C-Corporations

IRS Registrations/

State Registrations

Operating & Buy/Sell Agreements

Sales Tax Bonds

Liquor License Application

IRS Resolution


Payment Agreements

Offer & Compromise with Federal & State Governments

Financial Planning

Growth/Marketing Advice

Business/Personal Problem Solving

Assistance with Retirement/Investment/Estate Planning